Huawei's P Series of Smartphones to Upgraded to HUAWEI Pura

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Update time : 2024-05-16 15:29:46
Richard Yu, Huawei's Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer BG, and Chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, announced on April 15th that the Huawei P series will be upgraded to HUAWEI Pura, starting anew with a fresh approach.
"In 2012, we launched the Huawei P series smartphones. Over the past twelve years, countless consumers have captured numerous wonderful moments and recorded the beauty of life with our products," said Richard Yu in a video released by Huawei's Consumer BG. He pointed out that the history of the Huawei P series is the history of mobile imaging development and the evolution of technology aesthetics. Huawei has used innovative technology to expand the boundaries of mobile imaging, integrating art and culture to create its unique Huawei imaging XMAGE. The P series has led the industry in design trends, taking technology aesthetics to new heights.
He emphasized that over the years, Huawei's unwavering investment in research and development has given it the confidence to constantly innovate and lead the industry forward. The innovation of technological products is meant to bring consumers better products and the ultimate experience, to do things that others cannot imagine or even dare to think of.
Regarding this upgrade, Richard Yu mentioned that Huawei has always adhered to the design concept of high-end, ultimate, simplicity, and purity, incorporating technology fashion and art into its products to create a more unique and modern aesthetic design, exploring unseen beauty with bold imagination. Huawei will continue to invest in mobile imaging innovation in the future, constantly challenging the limits of mobile imaging, and providing better photography experiences for consumers worldwide, opening up a whole new world from a pioneering perspective.
"Pura" means "pure" in Latin, which aligns with the design concept introduced by Richard Yu. According to the Enterprise Check app, Huawei applied to register the trademarks "Pura" and "HUAWEI Pura" on May 15th, 2019, under the International Classification for Enterprise Instruments. It is expected that the highly anticipated HUAWEI P70, which is about to be released, will make its debut as the first smartphone under the name of HUAWEI Pura.

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